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Secure all your files in the cloud

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How do we secure your website data

How do we secure your website's data?

With our one-click backup and restore, we deliver advanced protection and encryption for cloud, virtual, physical hardware and mobile devices.

We conduct daily internal backups to our servers. We ensure that our backup and restore tools are more advanced than the competition so you experience 100% uptime – all the time. Plus, our back up is more advanced than traditional RAID implementations.

We are here whenever you need us, our technicians are available to help you 24/7!

Pricing Plans

The best website monitoring plans for tracking performance, websites, apps, servers and more.

Acronis 250 GB

Reliable security
for file storage


  ‍Included (GB)
250 GB
  ‍ Price per GB (over usage)
$0.21 / GB

Acronis 500 GB

Cloud service ideal for


  ‍Included (GB)
500 GB
  ‍ Price per GB (over usage)
$0.18 / GB

Acronis 1 TB

Cloud backup for huge
storage capacity


  ‍Included (GB)
1 TB
  ‍ Price per GB (over usage)
$0.15 / GB

Pay-as- you-go

Pay only for
what you need

Starting from

  ‍Starting from (GB)
1 GB
  ‍ Price per GB (over usage)
$0.29 / GB



  Unlimited Unique Web Sites
  Unlimited Disk Space
  Unlimited Bandwidth
  Unlimited MySQL Databases
  Unlimited Email Accounts

Not sure with backup suits you? Get in touch for help.

 *VAT not included. Therefore, it will be added where applicable.

Acronis Cloud Backup Supported Platforms

Acronis Cloud Backup lets you securely backup data over multiple environments with one software.

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
Windows Workstation
Windows Server
Linux Server
Public cloud VM agent-based backup (Azure Google, Amazon)
VMware vSphere VM agentless backup
Hyper-V VM agentless backup
VMware vSphere VM agent-based backup
Hyper-V VM agent-based backup
Red Hat Virtualization VM agent-based backup
KVM agent-based backup
Citrix Hypervisor agent-based backup
Nutanix AHV agent-based backup
Oracle VM agent-based backup
Odin Virtuozzo agentless backup
Number of managed workloads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Futuristic Cybersecurity

Your Acronis cyber-security strategy includes anti-malware, URL filtering and exploit prevention.

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
Acronis Active Protection
Antivirus and Anti-malware protection
Exploit prevention
Acronis Active Protection

Additional Cyber Protection Features

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
Auto-discovery (network-based and Active)
Directory-based machines auto-discovery)
Vulnerability assessments for Windows
Vulnerability assessments for third-party
Windows applications
Vulnerability assessments for Linux
Patch management
Fail-safe patching: back up endpoints before installing patches
Cyber Protected Desktop
Delegated Cyber Protected Desktop
Device Control

Quick, flexible, and effective backup

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
File-level backup
Disk-level backup
Mobile backup (iOS/Android)
ESXi configuration backup
NAS/shares backup
System-state backup

Application Support

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
Application-aware disk backup (ability to recover data from disk backup)
Active Directory domain controller backup/restore
Microsoft Exchange database backup (including application-aware VM/machine backup)
Microsoft Exchange mailbox backup
Microsoft Exchange mail and attachment recovery
Microsoft Exchange cluster backup
Microsoft SQL Server database backup (including application-aware VM/machine backup)
Microsoft SQL Server cluster backup
Microsoft SharePoint objects restore
Microsoft SharePoint entire site backup/restore
Oracle DBMS backup
SAP HANA backup via scripts (non-certified)
Microsoft 365 Mail backup
Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online backup
Microsoft 365 OneDrive backup
Microsoft 365 Teams backup
G-Suite backup
Website backup
Plesk/cPanel backup

Additional backup options

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
Archive encryption
Incremental/differential backups
Backup window (traffic throttling)
Multi-destination backup (backup replication)
Archive compression
Laptop-optimized backup scheduling
Initial seeding for cloud backups
Backup validation (checksums)
Retention rules
Backup notarization

Ultra-fast Recovery

Acronis offers a variety of recovery options, including incremental restore, any-to-any, and bare-metal, to protect your business continuity.

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
Web restore
Bare metal recovery (BMR)
BMR to dissimilar hardware (Universal restore), P2V, V2P, P2P, V2V
Incremental restore
Acronis Startup Recovery manager

Options for Virtualization

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
Run virtual machine (VM) from backup
VM replication with failover and failback (VMware)
Zero downtime finalization on production storage for Run VM (VMware)
Zero downtime finalization on production storage for Run VM (Hyper-V)
File/folder recovery from VM backup
Application-aware virtual backup (ability to recover data from VM backup)
Changed-blocks-tracking (CBT) support (VMware + Hyper-V)
Exclude disks/volumes from agentless VM backup
Exclude files from agent-less VM backup

Disaster Recovery Add-On

You can quickly launch your Acronis disaster plan using these options: failover or failback in a cloud environment, failback to another virtual environment or failback back to the bare-metal. One of many options in Runbooks automation.

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud add-on
Failover to a cloud recovery site
Non-disruptive failover testing in the cloud
Cloud servers for application-level replication
Failback to a different virtual environment
Failback to bare metal
Failover of physical machines to a cloud recovery site
Extension of local networks to the disaster recovery site
Runbooks automation

Multiple Storage Choices

Any Acronis Backup plan can be used to satisfy client or company needs for data security and superior storage.

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
Backup to Acronis Cloud storage
Backup to local storage
Backup to service provider cloud storage
Backup to a public cloud (Azure, Google, etc.)
Software-defined storage by Acronis
Script-based location targeting
Backup deduplication

Quick & easy management and monitoring system

Acronis 250GB Acronis 500GB Acronis 1TB Pay as you go
Group management
Shared protection plans
Centralized plan management
VMware virtual machine binding
Audit service
Mass update for agents
Predefined user roles: admin and user
Provisioning and management of users through
Active Directory integration
Management of multiple company branches (set quota, delegate management, etc.)
On-premises and cloud IdPs (SCIM) support
Management server high availability
Dashboard configuration
Email notifications as per plan

Top Features of Our Cloud Backup

The fastest and best cloud backup solution

Automation and scheduling

Set the time and frequency of backups - daily, weekly, etc.

Unlimited versions

Store unlimited versions of your files (most competitors don’t provide this option).

Acronis instant restore

Recover systems in mere seconds by fetching files directly from stored backup.

Easy to use dashboard

Access your dashboard fast and easy to view your analytics with any device.

Protect any workload

Get protection for Windows, Linux, Macs, eight major hypervisors, iOS, Microsoft apps, Android, Office 365, etc.

Quick self-recovery

Give employees a secure web-based console to access backups, lookup files and restore from anywhere.

Fast, reliable backups

Avoid corruption of backed up files, pause/resume/stop backup jobs anytime. Backup at 500 MB/sec or faster.

AI ransomeware protection

Safeguard data, systems and backups from ransomware with Acronis Active Protection

Get complete data security with cloud backup

Disaster recovery and data protection: What is it all about?

Reliable Backup for Multiple Devices

Acronis cloud-based advanced backup is ideal to individuals and businesses who are looking for a cost-effective and secure backup solution.

Cloud storage should be a key part of your backup strategy. Get the best data protection with one-click restore and backup. Advanced protection and encryption are provided for mobile, physical, and virtual devices.

Our backup technicians are also available 24/7 to assist you!

Complete Data Control

Cloud storage software that is flexible and affordable to protect your data and files. You are in complete control of your files & data at all times.

To address ‘worst case scenarios’, we perform daily internal backups of our servers. Our backup and restore tools have been upgraded to ensure you get 100% uptime. Our backup is also more advanced than traditional RAID implementations.

More Protection For You

Never lose important data

Office 365 protection included

It protects Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online data by backing up the items to the secure Acronis Cloud Storage and enabling flexible recovery options.

Secure backup & recovery

Exchange Online

SharePoint Online

OneDrive for Business

Fast recovery, even after accidental deletion.

Quick-access to backup data via integrated search.

Easy, affordable USD pricing without hidden fees

Cloud-to-cloud convenience with no need to install

Point-in-time, reliable recovery of individual files or whole sites

Protects users, groups, and sites automatically

Full G suite Protection

Acronis is perfect for protecting G Suite system data and making it available to users 24 hours per day. Google does a great job managing G Suite but is not responsible for protecting customers’ data.

It doesn’t offer real backup and recovery services. For the following reasons, our comprehensive backup and recovery services can be used: Data deletion, ransomware attacks and malicious interference from malware.

Our complete backup solution will prevent downtime and irretrievable data loss.

Protect personal Mailboxes, Group mailboxes, In-Place Archives, messages, folders, tasks, contracts, calendar events, journal entries, notes and more.


Gmail − labels, messages, attachments, threads, drafts, spam, trash

Drive − user files, user folders, team drives, shared files, sharing permissions​_

Calendar − user calendars, other calendars, calendar event attachments

Contacts − user contacts

Key Data Security Features

Point in time recovery

No matter what, identify recovery points to restore backups.

Quick Search

You can quickly find and retrieve items using keyword, phrase or full-text search.

Flexible restoration options

You can quickly find and retrieve items using keyword, phrase or full-text search.

Backup health monitoring

Review backup operations quickly, receive health reports, notifications, and critical alerts.

Blockchain-based notarization to Drive

Integrate Acronis Notary technology to identify untampered backup Drive files.

End to end encryption

Your data is secure and confidential. Traffic is encrypted with TLS and AES256 for the rest.

Questions to ask when choosing your cloud back-up service.

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

A cloud backup or cloud computer backup is the process of copying files, applications, virtual machines, or servers, which are then stored or backed up virtually. This backed up information is accessible using the internet.

“The cloud” is a term referring to a network and data centers available online.

No, it is possible to purchase more than 1TB backup. Since your need for both storage and backup may be different, Yoursite makes it possible to choose the amount of backup you require. Our cloud backup plans can facilitate 50 GB, 100 GB, 250 GB up to 100 TB.

Acronis can be used as a backup solution for any business. It is reliable and simple to use. Acronis can be used even if you already have a backup of your files. Acronis can protect all data and files. This includes any non-file data like serial keys and registry settings. It protects files that aren’t in use. This makes it simple to reinstall your files and data within your OS.

Yes. Yes. Cloud-base backup vendors provide infrastructure and some critical backups. Acronis allows you to manage your backups and recoveries in a simple, user-friendly dashboard.

You can use Microsoft, Linux and VMware tools to backup and recovery, but these utilities are not reliable and don’t have the resources. Acronis, however, is reliable and offers many features for small and large companies. Acronis has been trusted by over 500,000 businesses.

It can take several hours to restore your files and data. It can also be expensive. Acronis instant recover allows you to retrieve your data in a matter of seconds, which saves you valuable time.

Some businesses may think that the cost of a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is exorbitant. However, the cost of establishing a data recovery plan is far more expensive than the cost to fix the system. Usually, a DR solution can recover its investment in as little as one downtime event.

Ransomware and other global threats are making system failures inevitable. It can be costly to repair and expensive to replace the server if you don’t have a plan B.

It is wise to invest in Cloud Data Recovery with Disaster Recovery.

Follow the steps below to recover data from a specific folder or system in the cloud.

  • Log in to your Yoursite Client Area and choose your active Acronis Product.
  • Click on Continue to access the Acronis dashboard.
  • Please enter your password to continue the process.
  • Click on the recovery to open your dashboard.
  • Click the machine that you wish to recover data from in the Acronis dashboard.
  • Select the date you wish to recover data from the list of back dates.
  • Depending on the contents of the folder, you can choose to retrieve the entire machine or a portion.

Finally, you can choose the virtual or physical recovery machine and the target machine from which it must be recovered.

Acronis cloud backup services can protect your vital data on Windows or Linux, no matter if you’re a large business, small business, or international enterprise. It also extends to your iPhone or Android design.

Acronis protects your data before you even send it. You are the only one who can change or access your password. Acronis cloud and your system communicate securely using tough SSL encryption. It is important to mention that metadata can also be encrypted.