email marketing

8 Email Marketing Tricks To Boost Business

Emailing marketing is still one of the top ways to drive traffic, but only if done just right! Here are some 8 tips and tricks to boost your email marketing.

SEO Cheatsheet: Beginners Link-Building Tips

What’s link-building, and why is it crucial for your search engine ranking? In this guide, you’ll learn to use this SEO-boosting trick in a way that won’t get you penalized!
error establishing a database connection

4 Tips to Fix your Error Establishing a Database Connection

If your website is displaying the terrifying “error establishing a database connection” screen, don’t panic. We’ll give you 4 quick tips to fix it!
ssh connection refused

SSH Connection Refused – What it is and How to Fix it

“SSH connection refused” is one of the rarest error messages you’ll encounter. In this guide, we’ll tell you what it means and 5 easy ways to fix it!
text editor

Top 5 Text Editors to Supercharge Your Workflow

We breakdown the robust features of five text editors so you can choose which one best suits your next web development projects.
locked domain

A Beginner’s Guide to Locked Domains

Locked domain sounds like a crisis but it’s not, it’s actually to protect you the domain owner. Check out this guide to understanding locked domains.
sample education website-templates to start business

Sample Website Templates to Start Your Business

Want an educational site but not sure how to? Yoursite has over 200 sample website templates, to help you create the best vision of your website.

Err_connection_refused Error – 6 Ways to Fix it

Are you seeing the “err_connection_refused” error? You’re probably really frustrated but don’t worry. This quick guide helps you clear it right up!
website keywords

8 Secrets About Website Keywords That You Should Know

The right keywords to boost your website’s SEO will improve your website’s visibility, and possibly click-through rate.
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5 Steps to Fix the upload_max_filesize Error

Seeing the error “uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini” on your screen right now? This quick guide gives you 5 steps to fix it!