business idea

7 Business Ideas You Can Start at Home

There’s never been a better time to bring your business idea to life and work remotely. This guide gives you 7 ideas to get you started!

PHP Website Explained for Beginners

All beginners who want to learn how to make a php-website but need a little help with the basics keep reading. Learn about what PHP is and why it’s so popular!
Microsoft mail

How to Use the Mail App in Windows 10

In this quick beginner’s guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to use the Microsoft mail app in Windows 10!
What Is My IP Address

What Is My IP Address?

Found yourself asking, what is my IPv4 address? We shine a light on what IP addresses are and how they help communication and connect us on the internet.
How Much Bandwidth

How Much Bandwidth Does Your Site Need? – Let’s do the Math

If you’ve ever stalled over buying web hosting because you’re wondering, “How much bandwidth does my website need?”, this guide will help you figure it out!
bulletproof security

5 Website Security Tricks for BulletProof Security

If you have a website or looking to start one then you need bulletproof security today to keep your website safe from cybercriminals.
SMTP accounts

SMTP Accounts and Servers Explained

Learn absolutely everything you need to know about SMTP accounts and servers, so you can stop Googling “what is SMTP account” once and for all.
MySQL create user

Easy Steps to Create User and Grant Permission in MySQL

In this easy guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to use MySQL create user and to grant specific permissions to specific people.
mysql export

Exporting Files Using the MySQL Command Line

There are some many easy ways to export your databases. Today you’ll learn another one by creating a MySQL export file using the command line method. Let’s do this!
how to clear cache

How to Clear Cache for All Major Browsers

Every time you surf the internet your browser collects and stores cache. Don’t know what that is or how to clear cache? Stick around, we’ll help.