locked domain

A Beginner’s Guide to Locked Domains

Locked domain sounds like a crisis but it’s not, it’s actually to protect you the domain owner. Check out this guide to understanding locked domains.
Professional website

Making a Professional Website for 2020

Websites have come a long way since the days of dial-up internet. No more bland, blocky text on boring, blue backgrounds. In this century, professional websites are big, bold, and beautiful. You’ve worked hard making sure…
Public WHOIS database

How to Remove Public WHOIS Data

If you don't have WHOIS privacy enabled for your domain, then chances are hackers already have their hands on your private details. Read this article to find out how you can protect your information without…
email for business advantages

4 Advantages of Creating a Branded Business Email Address

Operating a small-business online comes with a myriad of opportunities for showcasing your business’ brand identity. One of the ways includes the mode by which you communicate with your customers. While brick and mortar businesses…
web hosting dns tips. Find IP addresses

Web hosting Terms: How to find IP address, DNS details and more

If you are new to web hosting, this article will explain basic terms that you'll need to know when hosting like how to find your IP address and DNS, etc. 1. What is an IP…
strategies to protect your domain name

11 Strategies to Protect Your Domain Name

After all the work you’ve put into choosing your domain name, the last thing you’d want is for it to be swiped by some sneaky opportunist. Follow these tips to protect your precious domain!
free email storage

Free Email Storage from Google

Having a custom branded email for your business is highly recommended. It is a great way to increase your email-marketing campaign and increase your brand’s trust. That is why several website builder companies, like Yourwebsite…
launch a new website

How to Launch a New Website

When you’re launching a new website, you’re trying to keep track of so many things that it’s easy for some of them to get lost in the shuffle. But there are some simple steps you…
domain vs website

What’s the difference? Domain vs Website

Domains and websites are intricately joined and, together, they are crucial for those of us who want to establish and maintain a presence on the web. They are pretty similar, but they are not the same…
real cost of domains

The Real Cost of Domain Names 

Almost everyone has a website these days and it’s splendid! There is room at the table for everyone and each idea, regardless of your niche. If you haven’t joined the rest of the world yet but you want…