err connection timed out

What is ‘err connection timed out’ and How to Fix it?

Err_connection_timed_out is probably one of the least helpful error messages you’ll encounter as you browse the internet. Sometimes, your visitors will also see this error message as they navigate your website, which means you definitely…
502 bad gateway

Quick and Easy Steps to Resolve 502 Bad Gateway Issues

Ever got a 502 bad gateway error? Do you know what it is or how to fix it? Here are some easy steps to resolve a 502 bad gateway error.
Professional website

Making a Professional Website for 2020

Websites have come a long way since the days of dial-up internet. No more bland, blocky text on boring, blue backgrounds. In this century, professional websites are big, bold, and beautiful. You’ve worked hard making sure…
yourwebsite review

Yourwebsite Review: What you need to know

Yourwebsite is pioneer drag and drop website builder. We stand out as one of the top website builders, when compared to others. Yourwebsite makes it easy for just about anyone to create a stunning and…
website security checklist

Best Website Security Checklist for 2020

Not everybody visits your website with good intentions. Hidden among your loyal visitors who genuinely love your website are hackers, phishers and data miners. These people work overtime coming up with new ways to make…
exchange email hosting

Secure Your Email with Hosted Exchange Email Hosting

Today there are several apps that facilitate instant messaging. However, email is still in the game and it’s still here to stay. Emails are an integral part of every business’ communication and even marketing endeavors.…
best email hosting for businesses

Best Email Hosting for Businesses

While many people have attempted to call the end of emails, in favor of other online communication systems, they are still integral to the success of any online and even off-line business. Third-party email hosting…
Build a business website illustration

How to Build a Business Website: A Complete Guide

In this century, a business without a website might as well not exist. Websites aren’t just an optional marketing strategy anymore. They’re the face of your business. When you’re trying to attract new customers, it doesn’t…
Yourwebsite vs Web site graphics

Web vs.

This is one of those times when two companies have similar enough names that you might be tempted to think it doesn’t matter which one you choose. But it matters. When you’re trying to decide…
best website services

10 Best Web Hosting Services for your Website in 2020

If you have even a plain, no-frills website, you’re already ahead of the game. Lots of people never get around to crossing “Build my own website” off their to-do lists. So, if you’ve actually managed to…