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Are cheap SSL Certificates Worth It?

Are Cheap SSL Certificate is worth it? Before website owners buy an SSL Certificate to improve website security check to see if costs can be reduced with SSL certificates that are cheap!
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What is Ransomware and how to prevent it

If you own a website, then you'll need the best security strategies to a safeguard your website. Use these proven tips to combat ransomware attacks.
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What is Malware and how to prevent it

A malware is a dangerous virus that finds a weakness in a computer or website security system and exploit it. Learn about malware and how to prevent them.
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11 Strategies to Protect Your Domain Name

After all the work you’ve put into choosing your domain name, the last thing you’d want is for it to be swiped by some sneaky opportunist. Follow these tips to protect your precious domain!
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Best Website Security Checklist for 2020

Not everybody visits your website with good intentions. Hidden among your loyal visitors who genuinely love your website are hackers, phishers and data miners. These people work overtime coming up with new ways to make…
How to buy SSL Certificates

Why are search engines forcing you to buy SSL Certificates?

Security is at the core of Secure Sockets Layer Certificates or SSL Certificate and with the rampancy of cyber threats and security breaches; the issue of internet safety is paramount. That is one of the…
Free SSL vs Cheap SSL Certs

Are free SSL certificates better than cheap SSL certificates?

Gone are the days when installing an SSL certificate was just for privileged websites with large pockets. As demand for SSL certs grow, they have become more accessible. Cheaper SSL certificates have surfaced the market, giving every site the change to encrypt…
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What Is SSL Stripping & How To Avoid It?

It is the ongoing job of website owners to protect their site’s data and keep private information about their customers secure. All these security advancements and efforts have not discouraged hackers who keep coming up…