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Custom Domains
Browse our exclusive library of the most in-demand domain TLDs. Find the domain that fits your brand.

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Domains and Website Themes
Get a single plan for your domain and website. Don’t hassle with excessive plans.

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Build a website knowing your domain is protected and in accordance with GDPR demands.

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Domain Name Registration

Your domain name operates like the online version of a snail mail. Once you address and post a letter, it is delivered to that address a few days later. This is exactly what happens when you type a domain name in the browser, except here it takes just seconds.

The words and phrases you type in a search engine takes you to the most suitable options, which are linked to websites. This makes it easier for customers to find websites easier.

Sharing your domain name through online marketing and user engagement helps to lead users directly to your website.

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Complete Online presence

Registering your domain is just the beginning of building trust and growing your business. Things really start to look professional when you are equipped with your domain and a personal branded email – with your domain name as the extension. For example, “” ought to have the email equivalent “[email protected]” This will definitely enhance your brand!

When you launch your website, step out with the full package – a personalized domain and custom emails.

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Domain Name Registration
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The Most Effective
Methods For Selecting
The Perfect Domain

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Make it unforgettable

Interesting. Unique your Domain reveals your identity.

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Keep it short

Exciting but short. Try to use between 3-9 characters.

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Keep it Simple

Ensure it is easy to say. Try saying it aloud. Avoid dashes or numbers.

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Make it intuitive

Ensure it’s in line with your brand, image, and business.

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Have options

Brainstorm and use domain name search tools. Use new gTLDs for more options.

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Domain Registration FAQ

You are identified by your name and that’s basically what your domain name does for you online. It also safeguards your exclusive spot on the internet. Your domain name is your website’s numeric IP (Internet Protocol) address of where it is hosted on a server.
Because IP addresses are long, a domain name replaces it with short original words to ensure users find you easily. It’s basically your permanent address online.
That is why it is essential to conduct a quick domain name search to find the best one to represent your brand.
Yes. During the domain name registration process on domains are set to renew annual – meaning users will be charged once per year at the end of a contract. We also provide the option to renew domains biennially and triennially. So, be sure to review this option before confirming your purchase.
Yes, you sure can. We make it easy to transfer your already existing domain to our remarkable network.
Upgrade your online experience at with our ultra-fast site loading speed and powerful servers.
Just follow these simple steps.
Request Transfer
Contact current provider for transfer. Your EPP code or Transfer Key will be sent to your associated email.
Type your current domain name above and on the next page enter the EPP confirmation code
Manage Domain
Once your domain transfer is complete start managing it from your cPanel. Domain transfers are reserved for authorised persons only.
Yes, you can. In fact, we offer FREE cPanel to cPanel website transfer. What’s more your site can be transferred in under 24 hours. If you happen to use another website management platform like Plesk, WordPress etc. then send our support team a message and we will offer assistance and answer any related questions.
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