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Do you need a professional tool to manage your emails? Get up to 100 GB mailbox accounts from the best Microsoft Exchange Hosting service for all your business needs!

  • Each mailbox receives 100 GB.
  • Synchronize across multiple devices.
  • Reliable round-the-clock email support.
  • Daily backups and data security.

Order hosted exchange plans start at $10.99 per user!

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Hosted Exchange
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The best email service for businesses!

  • Safe and trusted Business emailing platform.
  • 100% Uptime Guaranteed with SLA backing.
  • Sync emails over several mobile devices.
  • Migrate and setup contact list easily.

Top Email Hosting Features

ActiveSync Devices
Stay connected with Hosted Exchange Online! Simply sync it with your mobile phone, whether it’s Android®, iPhone, iPad® or Windows® cell phones.
Email Transfer
Our Email Migration Tool makes it easy to move your emails to our network. For additional assistance, consult our trusted support team.
Office 2013 offers consistent deliverability, 1TB of cloud storage, secure and advanced Office Apps with 100% uptime guarantee. Get dedicated assistance from our reliable support team.
Consistent 100%
Downtime has a negative impact on productivity and returns. That’s why we work hard to give you 100% uptime all year. Register now with Hosted Exchange.
Skype for Business
Our integration of Skype for Business and Hosted Exchange allows you to send Instant Messages and make video calls from anywhere in the world.
Custom Mailboxes
Create professional email addresses by adding your company name. ([email protected]). Let your customers know that you are ready for business.
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How Hosted Exchange Works

Microsoft Exchange is a prevalent email and group service used by some of the most popular companies around the world. The product incorporates powerful collaboration tools for teams and individuals to improve both internal and external communication. You can configure your cPanel email, or any other email to work over our Secured Hosted Exchange Platform.
In fact, your team will always have full power over messages, calendars and contacts. Plus, colleagues can effortlessly connect with you for joint meetings, or to schedule group work.
Start communicating securely with Hosted Microsoft Exchange emails.

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The most Trusted Hosted Exchange service coupled with secured hosting

We take the security of your information seriously. That’s why we’ve teamed up with this remarkable exchange service to give military grade security for your private and confidential emails. Microsoft Hosted Exchange software is one of the most trusted in the world and your company deserves the best. That is why we cut no corners in ensuring you get the best. All our data centers are entirely managed and equipped with three Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scans along with SSL encryption. We have also implemented current hashing algorithms and ciphers to keep your information secure.

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Hosted Exchange FAQ

You can send a daily maximum of 10,000 emails. The calculation is 100 emails to 100 recipients’ equals 10,000 sent emails. Sending limitation helps us to keep our services consistently running at its optimum.
Our sending limits plays a role in preventing spammers and hackers from using this service to carry out malicious activities.
The limitation also helps our service to perform optimally for all our users.
• Allows 10,000 sent emails daily
• Decreases service interferences and boosts overall uptime
• Provides consistent service for customers
Yes. Our receiving email limit is 400-email per 10-minute intervals. Additional emails sent will be deferred until the 10 minutes have passed. As the new 10-minute period starts these emails will be successfully sent to you. This limitation helps us in our effort to prevent DDoS attacks and spam.
This limit usually affects mailboxes receiving numerous automated mails. It also affects mailboxes that get regular diagnostic emails and systems generating many emails from services like CRMs.
All suspicious emails should be forwarded to [email protected] Our team of experts and anti-abuse specialists’ partners will deal with the issue in and fast and effective manner.
You can send a maximum file size of 50 MB with or without an attachment.
If you are experiencing a deliverability problem, ensure you check if you are on a blacklist. Lashback Unsubscribe Blacklist, has a collection of blacklists we use. You can also check external resource pages like Spamhaus or Sorbs.
Be sure to confirm that you are using legitimate authentication.
Email us at [email protected] for additional assistance.
No. Our platform does not have a bulk email service. To send bulk emails select a reputable bulk mailing service. Ensure you use a trustworthy service provider who adheres to universal email sending best practices to ensure your messages are successfully sent. It will also reduce the possibility of your emails ending up as spam.
Yes. Microsoft Exchange and Outlook® are completely compatible. Go ahead and synchronize your Outlook Web App and mobile devices. Collaborate globally using tasks, shared calendars and global address lists.
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