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Buy SSL certificates for strong encryption

Buy cheap SSL certificates to boost your customer’s trust. They are securing the web one SSL certificate at a time. Basically, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) as an encrypted link connects a web browser and a web server. This link typically ascertains that every data that is passed between these two groups remains integral as well as strictly private. Start using SSL certificates and find the best one that suits your website’s needs.

Sectigo Positive SSL

Entry-level encryption

// yearly
  • none
  • Site Seal Static
  • Server Licensing Unlimited
  • Reissue Unlimited
  • Warranty $10.000,00
Most Popular

Positive SSL Multi-Domain

One is all
you need!

// yearly
  • SAN Support
  • Site Seal Static
  • Server Licensing Unlimited
  • Reissue Unlimited
  • Warranty $10.000,00


Perfect for subdomains

// yearly
  • Site Seal Dynamic
  • Wildcard
  • Server Licensing Unlimited
  • Reissue Unlimited
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Warranty $10.000,00


Best value for Businesses

// yearly
  • Site Seal Dynamic
  • Business Validated
  • Server Licensing Unlimited
  • Reissue Unlimited
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Warranty $1.000.000,00

*All Prices Exclude VAT.

Sectigo SSL certificates protect websites with Strong encryption

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Quick Issuance:
Our certificate issuing process is rapid. This is possible if you have the required details which will take a few minutes to a week for issuance.

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Instant Credibility and Reliability:
Your incredibility increases with a certificate because users will confide in you and leave their details on sites that bear SSL trust logos.

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A Sectigo site seal Free:
Getting a Sectigo site seal will guarantee visitors that they’re secure when they go to your website. Distinguish your website with an Extended Validation certificate which guarantees the highest level of trust. It is ideal for high traffic websites because it offers stronger encryption for added security.

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Why you need an SSL Certificate

These trusty certificates help to establish a strong online presence by boosting search engine rankings when installed. They also aid in converting new clients into paying clients as well as reducing the abandon rates of shopping carts. Adding to the first 256 bit and 128-bit encryption, these certificates boldly thwart hackers from stealing private website data.

Anyone who owns a website requires one of these trust building SSL certificates. They provide encryption for securing transactions, scrambling login IDs, passwords emails and even protects websites.

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How to select your SSL certificates

1. According to the number of domains you want to protect:
Should you only have one domain, then you can select one of our standard certificates. But if you own more domains then you need to choose a wildcard or multi-domain certificate.

Wildcard certificates, costs less than multi-domains and provides more security than our single PositiveSSL certificate. One certificate does the trick for all your subdomains and a top-level domain. For websites with several top-level domains, a multi-domain cert is what you need.

2. According to the security level you require:
The SSL certs (Secure Sockets Layer) provide three significant trust levels. They are domain validated (DV), organization validation (OV), and extended validation (EV). In regards to the information that is relayed on your page, you can select the lowest trust or highest moderate levels.

While DV and OV will give a certificates brand representation alone, EV certs provide the most trust, encryption and browsing security to website visitors.

3. According to the registration validity:
Unregistered and registered domains require different certificates. The process to obtain a certificate differs with each unregistered or registered domain. Domains that are for public use are always registered according to the Certificate Authorities (CA) rules.

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What Can SSL Certificates Protect?

Does your website have an SSL certificate?
The benefits of registering your own SSL certificate is quite remarkable. SSL Certificates give abrasive website encryption to:

  • Secure web forms, credit card details, and customer logins.
  • Secure email application and web mail.
  • Protect various cloud sharing platforms.
  • Safeguards ‘server to browser’ data transfers.

Improve your website’s security today. Just buy tough encryption from the highly trusted Sectigo SSL certificate authority (formerly Comodo) at rates that fit your budget.

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Shield your website with a strong SSL certificate.

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SSL Certificates FAQs

The SSL encryption level will determine when you receive it based on your purchase time.
PositiveSSL DV Certificates
The quickest domain delivery goes to domain validated (DV) certificates. Issuance takes as little as 5 minutes depending on the website you purchase it for.
PositiveSSL OV Certificates
Authentication of the Organization Validation (OV) typically takes 20 minutes to a day to be issued. This is a 5-step process and goes smoothly for business owners.
Sectigo EV Certificates
It takes 1 to 5 days for Extended Validation (EV) certificates to be issued because they go through a more rigorous verification procedure than OV and DV SSL certs.
In early July 2018 the Chrome 68 browser was updated by Google. This introduced secured and unsecured sites to show ‘Secure’ and ‘Not Secure’ tags in the browsers. The update fights against internet scams, and phishing attempts. A website with a ‘Not secure’ label is unsafe to browse on since they can be intercepted during data transfers.
• It builds your overall business reputation as a secure website.
• It helps your website rank on top browser searches since it is also a search engine ranking criterion.
Typically, SSL certificates shields web browsers with HTTPS protocol creating a reliable means of connection from browser to server/website. Each time a website visitor browses a site, the server creates a request for an SSL certificate to encrypt and decrypt sensitive website data during the file transfer process. This makes it harder for hackers to gain access to websites and clients’ private data.
All three certificates provide top-level encryption to users. However, the level of security and certificate validation process creates a huge difference in these three:
• For DV certificates the certificate authority looks through your application to check if you are the owner of the domain you seek to secure. This takes as little as 5 minutes. These certs have a security padlock with some basic issuance information.
• The validation process of the Organization Validated certificates is pretty easy once your company is a legitimate one. To issue OV SSLs, the Certificate Authority needs information for a 5-step process: company authentication, locality presence, telephone confirmation, domain verification, and a final verification call.
• EV certificates have a more rigorous validation process since this certificate offers the highest level of trust. The security offer is undebatable, and the name of the company will be shown at the branded address bar. This provides absolute encryption with visible trust indicators like a Dynamic Sectigo TrustLogo.
This is a server security prompt that is important for the validation process; it means that the certificate Authorities cannot give you the certificate before they get a CSR (certificate signing request).
When you request the CSR, your server will make the CSR. This can only be feasible if you know the server that you are browsing on. You can get the server information by asking your website host for more details.
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