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How VPN works

What is VPN?

A VPN provides a secure environment for everyday browsing activity. When you connect via a VPN, all of your online activities (web browsing, video streaming, messaging, file-sharing, etc.) pass through an encrypted tunnel, while concealing your unique IP address.

Why you need VPN?

Access websites and media without restrictions

Mask Your Real IP

Prevent spying and tracking while on public wi-fi

Keep your online activity and data private

No matter what device you use – desktop (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux), mobile phone (Android, iPhone) or tablet (iPad) – all you’ll need is one VPN plan to cover all your tracks. Surf the net at uber-fast speeds with a protective cloak no matter your location or device. Plus, you can connect via your smart TV, game console, mobile device, wireless router and all at the same time. Take full advantage of your secure virtual private network by installing the app on all your devices.

Get Privacy & Security With A VPN

Keep your data safe from tracking and cybercriminals

Military Grade Security

Our secure virtual private network service uses AES-256 Encryption coupled with SHA-256 Hash Authentication to give military grade security and peace of mind. It protects your data from Government agencies, Corporations and Cybercriminals. So, rest easy knowing your data is safe.

Stealth VPN Mode

Many VPN Providers fail to grant you access to certain sites that block VPN enabled devices. Since we enable stealth mode, our anonymous VPN Service bypasses VPNdetection systems making your browsing traffic appear as normal web traffic.

Secure and Non-Logging

Many free VPN providers keep logs with your online activities to sell later on. This puts you at risk. We never keep logs nor store information about your online activities on our secure virtual private network giving you the peace of mind you need to browse anonymously.


We use the standard Point-to-point tunneling protocol to create Secure Virtual Private Networks. Because we employ Layer Two Tunneling (what ISPs utilize) and use advanced technology to avoid VPN Detection Systems our service is different from others.

High-Speed VPN Connection

Our powerful VPN service masks your IP address and allows you to browse over an ultra-fast and secure tunnel. This is perfect for streaming, data transfers, online gaming and downloading content. Use this fast multi-point connection for uninterrupted browsing over a secure virtual private network.

24/7 Dedicated Support

We’re here to help you with any question regarding our VPN service. We’ll be with you in seconds, not minutes or hours – even on bank holidays.

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3-year plan

Save 65% $360.00 $126.00 billed every 3 years


2-Year Plan

Save 58% $251.43 $105.60 billed every 2 years


1-Year Plan

Save 41% $122.03 $72.00 billed every 1 year


1-Month Plan

Save 0% $10.00 billed every month




  Unlimited Unique Web Sites
  Unlimited Disk Space
  Unlimited Bandwidth
  Unlimited MySQL Databases
  Unlimited Email Accounts

  The 3-year plan includes the biggest savings and is fully refundable 30 days after signup.

Get answers to your questions about our VPN service

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

VPN is an abbreviation which means Virtual Private Network. With an online VPN you can connect to a private network using your Personal Computer or mobile device, and your device’s IP address would be encrypted. An encrypted IP Address means you surf the web without fear of your personal information being accessed without authorization by hackers looking to steal and sell your data.

A subscription with us is a package deal! With your subscription you will gain access to:

  • Access to 40+ servers in 30 different countries.
  • VPN Software and VPNarm Access
  • PPTP, L2TP, VPNarm (TCP/UDP) connections
  • Anonymous Downloading and Private Browsing
  • Stealth VPN

Simplest answer: privacy. Using a VPN service creates an encrypted tunnel through which all the traffic from your online activity passes. This protects your data, allowing you to browse with no fear. Still not convinced? Don’t think you need to worry? Without an online VPN, you are at risk if you do one or more of the following:

  • You connect to public wi-fi hotspots
  • You freelance or work remotely
  • You do online banking or shopping
  • You have an online business with clients or customers

All of them! You can have unrestricted internet privacy access to P2P and torrents by connecting to any VPNarm server. It’s that simple!

Yes. You can rest assured that you are browsing safely with the latest encryption protocols such as AES-256 data encryption and SHA-256 hash authentication.