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X-Cart ecommerce platform for online merchants.

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Perfect for smaller
online stores

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  • 2 Websites
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • cPanel (Control Panel)


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For medium sized
online shops

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  • 5 Websites
  • 25 GB Storage
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 10 MySQL Databases
  • cPanel (Control Panel)
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For powerful
PHP ecommerce

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  • 10 Websites
  • 100 GB Storage
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
  • cPanel (Control Panel)


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Our unmetered
X-Cart Hosting

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  • UNLIMITED Websites
  • UNLIMITED Storage
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Accounts
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
  • cPanel (Control Panel)

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What is

The service we host on our secured fast SSD Servers includes the X-Cart ecommerce platform for online merchants. You can use the best ecommerce platform to design and create online stores that incorporate unique features only X-Cart provides. Not only that but stock and order management is made more efficient due to the implemented tools. Best of all the X-Cart Hosting service can be used by anyone regardless of skills and prior PHP knowledge.

Customize Templates with X-Cart

Website templates can be obtained free of charge or purchased directly from X-Cart. As the best platform for ecommerce is compatible with a range of templates you can select the most appropriate one that matches your requirements. No matter if you start from template or scratch tools X-Cart provides merchants with create professional PHP ecommerce websites.

Manage stock and Order statuses

An important aspect online merchants focus on is making sure sales run smoothly and that stock levels are updated. With the X-Cart Hosting service adding new items, changing stock levels and updating pending orders has never been easier. You can also track order statuses to prevent mistakes occurring such as failing to send or sending the same order multiple times.

Use the X-Cart ecommerce platform to create online stores fast!

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X-Cart Main Features

As a customer of the best provider no matter what service purchased being X-Cart Hosting or alternatives. Our customers get these additional features with their plan. What do I get?

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24/7 Support from a Dedicated Team

Access our 24/7 Dedicated Support Team that you can contact at any time to get free advice about your online stores or for support with the X-Cart Hosting service.

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Uptime Rate Guarantee’s

SSD Servers we host operate efficiently so customers experience fast and reliable services. To guarantee our uptime rates above 99.9% we have strict standards in place as to how servers are monitored and maintained by technicians. We make sure to replace hardware before faults occur.

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Easy Domain Name registration

Your dream Domain Name is only one search away and can be registered using our easy-to-use page. Browse the available Top-Level-Extension then select the best Domain Name for your online store so you can build brands that have strong online presences which customers get to know.

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Secured Fast SSD Server Usage

Online stores hosted with us experience faster loading speeds because we utilize new technologies that improve the reliable services we provide. We use SSD Servers to process data at quicker rates so that online merchants notice their ecommerce website loading speeds are impacted positively.

Build and manage ecommerce websites with X-Cart Hosting!

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Should you host with us the X-Cart ecommerce platform?

Our goal is to provide the most reliable hosting plans that form stable foundations for the success of your online shop. In addition to our hosting plans we also sell services that provide useful tools online merchants use to help them boost the growth of their ecommerce website so online presences can be built faster.

With fast SSD Servers that guarantee uptime rates above 99.9% and access to 24/7 Dedicated Support Teams hosting with us is smart.

  • Email Addresses
  • PHP Website Templates
  • Domain Names
  • Optimisation Tools

Essential to grow your Online Store

You are more likely to succeed if you take advantage of tools the best provider sells. We recommend the following services as they provide online merchants with the most useful features to better track and boost the growth of their online store.

SSL Certificate resource

Encrypt traffic with SSL Certificates

Online stores often handle sensitive customer data such as banking information that requires protection. SSL Certificates provide encryption services that not only protect data but also increase trust with new visitors due to the Green Padlock. When you install SSL Certificates to the X-Cart Hosting service, HTTPS is enabled which search engines like Google use as a factor to rank websites.

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Website Monitoring

Track growth with Monitoring Tools

Collect useful data flowing through your X-Cart Hosting plan with our monitoring tool to better understand the growth of your online store to expand faster. Don’t manually monitor website performance instead get the best tool that provides you with real time alerts when new data reports are available.

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SEO Tool

Optimization reports from SEO Tool

Successful ecommerce websites use the most effective keywords and are well optimized to rank higher within search engine indexes. Our SEO Tool has been designed to provide you with detailed reports outlining tips and tricks you can utilize to best optimize your online shop to rank higher so you can build a stronger online presence.

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The Reliable X-Cart Hosting Providers Reviews

With the X-Cart ecommerce platform you can create PHP ecommerce websites that are bound to outperform your competitors. Customer reviews best reflect how satisfied the most reliable providers customers are using their X-Cart Hosting service.

Our Hosting FAQ

You should purchase hosting services from YourWebsite.com that include the X-Cart ecommerce platform when developing your next online store.

Not only are you getting the features and tools X-Cart includes but as a reliable provider we offer customers on top of their plan extras and guarantees.

To help you build PHP ecommerce websites we provide free advice and support you can access at any time via the 24/7 Dedicated Team.

You choose the billing cycle when you checkout the X-Cart Hosting service and have the choice between Monthly or Annually. Payment is then taken each Month or Year on the date first payment was made.

When you build a PHP ecommerce website the range of platforms available to use offer a variety of unique but similar features. Beginners can employ easy-to-use ecommerce platforms in order to create online shops where they sell products and manage stock.

You should research available platforms for ecommerce before creating a site to get one with the best features. The best ecommerce platform is one that provides a range of unique tools and features you can utilize such as provided with our X-Cart Hosting plan.

Many online merchants hire coders to develop online shops or they utilize open source software to reduce costs.

When you undertake X-Cart development of your website with minimal prior PHP knowledge know the best platforms tools make customizing templates fast and easy.

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