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Monitoring your website couldn’t be any easier

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Why add website monitoring to your site?

Keep your websites up

Monitor your websites in 5-minute intervals and get alerts you if they go down.

Get alerted if you get Blacklisted

We run hourly scans to ensure you are notified and find a link to get unlisted from blacklists as fast as possible.

Monitor Uptime and Downtime

Reduce unexpected downtime to 0%. Stay one step ahead with instant alerts for website crashes, unusual behaviors or system failures.

Pricing Plans

The best website monitoring plans for tracking performance, websites, apps, servers and more.


Basic website requirements

$6.30 Save 67%


  2 included monitors
  Spam blacklist check service
  Keyword Monitoring
  Website URL Monitoring
  Analytics & reports
  Ports like: Http, POP3, FTP, MySQL, etc.
  Standard support


Scalable for large enterprises

$37.10 Save 72%


  10 included monitors
  Spam blacklist check service
  Keyword Monitoring
  Website URL Monitoring
  Analytics & reports
  Ports like: Http, POP3, FTP, MySQL, etc.
  Premium support



  Unlimited Unique Web Sites
  Unlimited Disk Space
  Unlimited Bandwidth
  Unlimited MySQL Databases
  Unlimited Email Accounts

What do we offer?

Complete website monitoring service for you

Monitoring intervals

Supports monitoring intervals from 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 to 60 mins

Instant Alerts

Get instant email alerts and set multiple contacts for each monitor

Reports & Analysis

Get real-time monitoring statistics to analyze matrix and boost response time

No Software Download

Zero software to download. Just sign in to your account to track your service

Compatible Ports


Easy Access Dashboard

Monitor your entire infrastructure and reports easily from your client dashboard

What protocols do we support?

Use a modern and flexible monitoring tool to catch issue before your clients do

Questions to ask when choosing a monitoring service

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

Yourwebsite’s monitoring software is called This advanced monitoring service lets us give clients a powerful and reliable tool to better track uptime, monitor websites, servers, databases and networks from any location.

You should copy the tracking code on your page. This is the only thing required for regular websites.
As for WordPress users, we offer a basic module which automates copy and paste activities.

Uptime monitoring checks the accessibility and response time of your website or server and the health of its external infrastructure. Let end users interact with your fast and stable websites, no matter their location. Our external monitoring software can pre-empt customer dissatisfaction by sending instant alerts about potentially costly issues before they get out-of-hand. This takes the hassle off you and your IT personnel as you have an eagle’s eye on things at all times.
Uptime monitoring gives alarms in 60 seconds of possible downtime occurrences. Our device also sends alerts via email to help you improve your reaction times and fix issues fast.

Yes, you can easily monitor multiple locations all at the same time.