Yourwebsite Review: What you need to know

yourwebsite review

Yourwebsite is pioneer drag and drop website builder. We stand out as one of the top website builders, when compared to others. Yourwebsite makes it easy for just about anyone to create a stunning and effective website without breaking a sweat.

We have almost a decade of experience in this line of business of perfecting the craft of easy website building. It’s no wonder Yourwebsite, is recommended by 100% of its satisfied users, according to, trustSpot reviews. TrustSpot is a website that collates and displays verified customer reviews.

Overview of

Yourwebsite provides a highly responsive website builder, equipped with numerous stylish and professional easy to use templates. All templates are SEO friendly, straightforward and responsive, allowing you to modify them effortlessly. But, don’t just take our word for it, try out.

We aren’t just a website builder but also offer comprehensive web hosting packages at competitive prices. These hosting pages include 99.9% uptime, free email, scalability and increased website traffic.

Still want to know more? Let us look’s at all you need to know about Yourwebsite and how it can make building and hosting a website effortless for even a beginner.

A Review of Yourwebsite Tools and Features

Website builders remove the need for any special skills in coding, making it possible for anyone to create a professional and functional website by dragging and dropping. While that is the core purpose of website builders, not all are equal.

Some, including Yourwebsite is better than many others. As mentioned above, our customer reviews testify to this fact. Here are some of our key tools and features.

1. Ease of Use

Our website builder is easy to you and is specifically designed to allow the average person to build and launch a stunning and functional website.’s editor is clean and all tools and features are organised clearly. This makes it simple to add pages, elements, color schemes, etc. Also, because we facilitate an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, users can customize templates and add elements just about anywhere on their webpage.

2. Templates and design customization

Creating a professional website within minutes has never been easier. Our templates are professionally designed to fulfill the needs of just about any website. Discover templates that don’t just look remarkable on all devices and screen types, but are navigable.

Our clean, modern, mobile-friendly designs are 100% customization. So if you choose to restyle a template you totally can.

Our plugins allow you to add social media buttons, location maps, blog posts, videos, contact forms and popular payment gateways to all our themes.

3. Free email

Once you choose one of our templates and hosting plans, also offers users free email with cPanel.

CPanel uses a graphical interface, instead of a text-based one. This makes the free email service user-friendly, even for beginners.

4. Webhosting

Our sitebuilder platform offers webhosting at no extra cost. If you already have WordPress on another platform and you can transfer it to our platform for hosting.

5. Customer Support

Yourwebsite provides round-the-clock customer support. That means that on any day and at any time, you can speak to an actual expert to help you deal with technical issues on your website. You can also find resource material to assist you through guides and tutorials on Yourwebsite.

6. Ecommerce solution

If the purpose of your website is to sell products and/or services, you will find our ecommerce solution functionality simplistic. Go ahead and create secure eCommerce sites with just a few clicks.

You can do so by selecting an ecommerce theme. You also have the option of choosing another template and then simply add an ecommerce plugin. This will instantly turn a template into a fully functional e-store.

7. Domain Name Registration is a one-stop-shop for everything it takes to build and launch a highly functional website. Not only do we provide the means to create a website but we also are equipped to facilitate your domain name registration. Your domain name is the name you give to your website.

You can browse our library for some of the most in-demand TLDs. Find a domain that best suits your brand and receive dedicated support from a team of professionals.

Go ahead and select your website building and hosting plan. Then you can register a new domain or transfer an already existing one to our platform. You will need a domain to complete your order.

Who is Yourwebsite best for?

Yourwebsite is overall an excellent website builder. But, how do you know if it is best for you? If your goal is to create a website that can be translated into multiple languages, loads quickly, facilitates the use of SSL certificates and is SEO-friendly, then yes-Yourwebsite is for you.

We have hundreds of templates that fall into various categories to ensure that you can find one for whatever type of website you are building. Here are a few of our templates.

Business Owners

With several templates to choose from, you can create a business website from a template specifically designed for your industry. These themes range from DIY to real estate, advertising and marketing, finance and law.

We also have a host of amazing business features to take your website to the next level. You can add appointment bookings, subscription forms, and email marketing and some other amazing add-ons.

Ecommerce Websites

As mentioned above we also have ecommerce templates for those wishing to sell products and/ or services. You also have the option of using a general template and simply add an ecommerce plugin to facilitate online sales.

Personal Site

Whether you need a website to display your work, for an event or an online resume, we’ve got you. Personal websites are a Yourwebsite strength. You can use these templates for just about anything imaginable, to really get your personality and talent across.


Create a fantastic blog with us. Yourwebsite allows you to not just create blog posts but also allows you to separate them into categories for easy search and navigation. You can also add a search bar and comments section your readers.

If you don’t have a site dedicated to blogging, you can simply add blogs to your already existing business website.

Yourwebsite Pricing & Value for money

At we do not offer a free package. However, you don’t have to rob a bank to be able to afford a package from us either.

Instead of a free package, we offer a $3 plan that comes with a FREE .com, .biz, .info, .net or .org domain. Also, persons who sign up for an annual plan gets one of these domains free!

Of course, you can also select our yearly Advanced plan for $5 monthly or our Ecommerce plan for $15 monthly.

Six quick facts about

  • All our packages support SSL certificates.
  • Once you sign up for any of our annual plans you get one free domain with any of the domain extensions, .com, .biz, .info, .net or .org domain.
  • We offer multilingual support and email accounts with each plan.
  • No setup fee.
  • Multiple payment methods accepted
  • Users can get free SEO curtsy of our tool. But, you must add this item to shopping cart separately.


Our satisfied customers keep us on our toes. That’s why we work hard to constantly improve our products and services. This ensures that persons continue to enjoy the freedom and creative control that Yourwebsite provides.

Yourwebsite makes it simple to create a stunning, powerful, interactive website for just about any project, business or idea. You can also create this dream website within a couple hours without any coding knowledge.

Our drag and drop designed template allows you to extensively customize a template to reflect your brand.

Yourwebsite plans are very affordable and we recommend them to anyone who wants to build a small business or personal website. You are sure to benefit from excellent templates, SEO and marketing tools.